Dead Like Us

Jornal Entry, Gordon Doby

We will call it...Tuesday

Unique, I would call today unique. This morning, a group of 5 people…humans, I think, approached our station. I don’t really trust one of them…it’s his eyes. Haha, he still hasn’t quite come to terms with the situation. He still thinks its Before! Carrying on about, what was it? Marijuana? Terrible stuff really – worse for him, we barely have enough food – “luxuries” like those are hard to come by now. Regardless, maybe he can be an asset. Crazy has a different meaning after you see a man, sorry, still haven’t gotten used to it, after you see an Alt shrug off a 9mm to the leg without so much as a flinch.

It was nice to see other humans, but they seem to be a mixed blessing. They must have drawn the attention of a lot of dead Alts when they were coming to. Oh, did I forget? Yeah, they seem to have gone through the same process as Felicia and I – as much of a process as it could be called..blacking out and and whatnot. Those fancy jumpsuits they had on was a new twist.

Anyway, back to the Alts. Shortly after that group’s (tense) arrival, about a half dozen dead Alts came wandering by (to use the term lightly). Its a good thing that safe had 2 9mms it in. Yeah, one of them managed to open it – I’ll call that a good thing. I liked that one guy, Achilles, I believe, he handled himself well. Maybe a little too calmly, but I’m not looking a gift…whatever. Managed make some pretty terrible shots though. He did get the pleasure of meeting a Day One—where these keep coming from is beyond me. If I have learned one thing, its that anyone running toward an Alt is either insane, or, well, an Alt. Either case, a bullet through the head is the only way to be sure. Damn Day Ones, I almost feel bad, but then when they ignore bullets to the leg…well, they don’t have sympathy, why should I? No no, I can’t think like that…like them. However, when all said and done, we have another 7 bodies to add to the fire, although that Day One may warrant some more investigation…such a clean head shot left the rest of the body in pretty good condition.

Overall, a unique day.

O yeah, rude pricks never asked my name, I guess they don’t need to know the date either. Just one more thing these poor, stupid people don’t know.

Thank you, Felicia, you are my sanity.



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