Jan. 17th ‘10

One session down. This is new to all of us, so if you have any comments or questions regarding how the session went, the style of gameplay, concerns about player/character interactions, or my performance as the ZM, please, leave comments in the ‘Comments’ section, or email me privately. We are here to have fun and we are all in this together.

Jan. 14th ‘10

Remember to print out character sheets!! They are sitting in the dropbox folder (norm.pdf, survivor.pdf, inspired.pdf).

And get excited!!!

Jan. 13th ‘10

Looks like we are going to play Friday (1/15/10). Lets meet at Matt’s place around 5:00pm. We will do character generation then, prolly take a break for some food, and try to start the campaign afterwords. It doesn’t look like Jeremy is gonna be able to make it, but I can work him into the story in the next session.

Everyone needs to have a basic understanding of how the Unisystem works and a basic idea of character creation. Please avoid the following sections 4 and 5 of the corebook—that’s for the GM!!

A backstory for you character is highly appreciated, and it will allow me to tie your character into the plot better and allow better roleplaying for all. If these can be done before Friday it would allow me to work you in earlier, but if you are a little lost, no worries, there will be plenty of time Friday.

REMEMBER: For this campaign, ALL PC’s are unaware of any zombie presence at the start.


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